Our Valued Partners: The Backbone of the Football Film Federation

Welcome to the Sponsors page of the Football Film Federation (FFF), where collaboration meets passion in the exciting realm of sports filming. With 683 prospective college member schools across the nation, and over 15,000 high schools we offer THE platform for college  and high school football filming.  With the focus on education and, fostering innovation, and community among film professionals and enthusiasts.

Uniting for Excellence in Sports Filming

We are honored to collaborate with a diverse array of sponsors whose support is instrumental in advancing our mission to elevate the art and technique of filming football. Our partners play a crucial role in enabling us to provide top-tier resources, events, and networking opportunities for our members, who are dedicated to capturing the dynamic essence of college and high school football.

Why Sponsor Football Film Convention?

Sponsoring offers a unique opportunity to connect with a dedicated community of film professionals, educators, and students deeply engaged in the sports filming industry. Our 683 prospective member schools represent a vibrant and growing network of individuals passionate about sports filming, providing an ideal audience for sponsors looking to make a significant impact.  We have made this conference affordable for the schools to attend and meet with you in way not seen at other conferences.  In addition, this convention leads to year round collaboration with the FFF as we make certain your products are visible to our membership.

Visibility and Brand Exposure

As a partner, your brand gains unparalleled exposure to a niche but influential audience, showcasing your commitment to supporting the advancement of sports filming. Through our conventions, workshops, online platforms, and member communications, your brand will be prominently featured, demonstrating your leadership and investment in the future of sports filming.  Our members will be part of the future FBS and NFL coaching film staffs.

Engagement and Networking

Our annual convention and member events offer direct engagement opportunities with film professionals, educators, and students from across the nation. Sponsors can interact with attendees, share expertise, and build lasting relationships with key stakeholders in the sports filming community.

Innovation and Collaboration

Sponsoring FFF provides a front-row seat to the latest trends, technologies, and talents in the sports filming sector. Collaborate with us to shape the future of sports filming, whether through workshops, technology showcases, or educational initiatives.

Our Sponsors Make It Possible

We extend our deepest gratitude to our sponsors, whose generosity and vision empower us to provide a rich and diverse array of programs and services to our members. From supporting our annual convention to enabling cutting-edge research and education, our sponsors are integral to our success and the growth of our members.

Join Us in Supporting the Future of Sports Filming

We invite organizations and individuals passionate about sports, education, and technology to join us as sponsors. By partnering with FFF, you contribute to a legacy of excellence in sports filming, impacting the lives of countless students, educators, and professionals across the nation.

Together, we can continue to inspire, educate, and innovate in the world of high school and college football filming. For more information on sponsorship opportunities and to become a part of our vibrant community, please contact us. Your support not only advances the field of sports filming but also celebrates the spirit, teamwork, and dedication that define football at every level.

Join us in championing the future of coaches football filming and making a lasting impact on the next generation of film professionals and enthusiasts. Your partnership with the Football Film Federation is more than a sponsorship; it's a commitment to excellence and a shared vision for the future of sports coaching media.