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The Mickey "Football Film Award"

Teams filming their own practices and scrimmages is so common and routine today, it's hard to believe the practice was at one time not in place.  The man responsible for pioneering that? Former Rams Film & video director Mickey Dukich.  A longtime cinematographer for the team, Dukich introduced that practice in 1956. Mickey is recognized as the first full time film director in the NFL.

Dukich eventually became the first full-time cinematographer for the LA Rams, overseeing a staff of several photographers, and he worked first with coach Sid Gillman to dramatically expand the use of game film to analyze and improve the team’s performance.  Dukich worked for the Rams until the team left for St. Louis in 1994, when he retired. A Los Angeles Times columnist once noted that he had missed one game and two practices in 39 years.

A photo of Mickey Dukich and his Rams staff circa 1957
Mickey Dukich (middle) and his Rams staff circa 1957
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